Myler Dee Bit MB03

Myler Dee Bit MB03

The Myler Dee Bit MB03 is a level one Myler Western bit that is ideal for young horses as well as horses that that are learning the foundation of bit aids. Sweet iron Comfort mouthpiece with copper roller encourages acceptance of the bit. The copper roller helps to calm a nervous horse. Read more...

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The Myler Dee Bit is a stainless Steel Western Dee featuring the Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller (MB 03, Level 1) mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. The copper roller helps to relax nervous and anxious horses. also works well for horses that need something to keep them busy. Comfort Snaffle™. Wide barrel, copper inlay mouth. 5" mouth. 2 1/2" dee rings.

Level One Horse
  • Beginning training or little training.
  • Is learning basic gaits, transitions and obedience.

    Level One Bits:
  • Apply mostly tongue pressure.
  • Collapse on bars.
  • Overall Rating: 3 Stars
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    Update on my earlier review
    Rancher's Granddaughter from TX wrote (January 30, 2014):
    The Mylers as well as Toklat have assured me the inlay problem is a fluke in manufacturing. Smith Bros is sending me a return label and I will be ordering another one of these bits. The rough inlay in question was caused by a gap being left on one end, making the inlay bow up above the bit surface enough to cause an edge which would catch against even a rough finger. NOT something one would want to sit on top of a sensitive horse's lip. Other than that, this bit seems to be of great quality. Toklat told me they quality check two bits at random out of a box when they get a new shipment in. I wish they'd check all of them. It would save me time.
    Made in Vietnam
    Rancher's Granddaughter from TX wrote (January 27, 2014):
    After much research, even talking with Mr. Myler, I decided on a Myler bit. I was disappointed to find this particular one was made in Vietnam. The copper inlays are a bit rough even to my finger when I run it across them. I could have bought a sweet iron snaffle which was made in Texas at my local tack shop and from feel you couldn't even tell there were inlays in that one. Since training is a two-way street, I felt this design would be kinder to my horse. I'm still debating on whether to try it on her. I breed, so I was wanting a for-from-now-on-bit to keep on hand. Thus, the investment.

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