Mojo Headin by Cactus Ropes
Mojo Headin' by Cactus Ropes
Cactus Ropes

Mojo Headin' by Cactus Ropes

The Mojo Headin' Rope is a 4-strand by Cactus Ropes with a bit more weight allowing you to feel your tip easily. Nice and easy to swing outside even in windy weather. The Mojo is extra smooth and perfect for ropers wanting a fast rope with small crowns. A weight and body for any level team roper. Read more...

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Are you looking for a big rope feel? The 4-strand Mojo Headin' by Cactus Ropes has the weight, balance and size a big rope user prefers and is very smooth. The Mojo combines traditional performance with updated technology to produce what you´re looking for. This is Cactus Rope's largest diameter head rope. Lightly blended with poly. Four Head Lays available: SS, XS, S, MS. SS, the #1 Super Soft, is the softest rope Cactus makes. This rope has the most tip weight of any rope on the market. Ideal for novice ropers to start with because it is so easy to swing. It is also used by some top-notch ropers who like a soft rope with lots of body. XS, the #2 Extra Soft, is Cactus' most popular rope. It's used by everyone from the novice to the professional roper. This rope works great on all types of cattle. The #2 Extra Soft was traditionally the softest rope, but Cactus developed the #1 SS for ropers that like an even softer rope. S, the #3 Soft, this is the 2nd most popular Cactus head rope. A favorite among ropers with experience and rope handling ability. It has enough stiffness to be swung and thrown harder without the loop closing. MS, the #4 Medium Soft rope, was developed for the most experienced headers. Its stiffness requires more skill to deliver and it has enough body to use as a softer heel rope. Nylon/poly. Headin' length: 31' Diameter: True.


Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Brandon from Oklahoma wrote (October 20, 2008):
This rope has the best feel of any rope i have used. Placed at 5 of the last 6 ropings.

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