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Martha Josey Long Shank Combination Bit
Martha Josey

Martha Josey Long Shank Combination Bit

The Martha Josey Long Shank Combination Bit features the same great qualities of the Million Dollar bit, with added 7" shanks for more control and leverage. This western bit was deigned to help lift the horse's front end through fast, tight turns. Read more...

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The Martha Josey Long Shank Combination Bit is the same as the Million Dollar bit, but features more control and leverage from the 7" shanks. It helps to correct the horse that drops a shoulder in the turn. Because of its unique design, you can lift and move the shoulder to keep a horse from hitting barrels or poles. Three-piece twisted wire with dog bone snaffle mouthpiece; rope noseband to balance horse in the turn; distributes even pressure on nose, corners of mouth, bars, curb and poll, making the bit more comfortable for the horse. An excellent bit for a horse that needs a little more rate and whoa. Stainless steel 8 3/4" cheeks, blued steel 5" mouth. Rubber guard and curb chain.

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Jessie from PA wrote (May 09, 2008):
This is a great barrle racing bit. Its gives control for stoping and turing.