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LaminaSaver® is a natural dietary supplement that has healing properties to help horses battling founder, laminitis, and other painful hoof conditions. LaminaSaver contains all-natural antioxidants that work as anti-inflammatories, connective tissue precursors and protectants. 1 lb (40-day supply). Read more...

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A natural dietary supplement, LaminaSaver® with Restaurex offers healing properties for horses battling laminitis, founder and other painful conditions of the hoof. It contains all-natural antioxidants that work as anti-inflammatories, connective tissue precursors and protectants. Ingredients such as nitric oxide promoters help vascular dilation and better circulation/oxygen delivery. LaminaSaver also helps enhance the body's natural ability to maintain a good healthy hoof. 1 lb powder (40-day supply).

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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nancy lemon-ziimer from ohio wrote (May 29, 2010):
i have a 14 year old gelding that has laminitis and my vet recommeded this product to me 6 years ago and i have used it since. It worked a miracle on him. He was unable to go to his pasture and was stiff legged once I started him on it within a week he was back to his happy energized self. My farrier is amazed at how the product has turned Levi around and his hoofs are growing normal and fast like they did when he was young. I use this product every spring when the grass is rich and his problem is almost none exsisting. i have a friend that her gelding just came down with laminitis and she is using it with real good results. I recommend this product whenever someone tells me they have a laminitis/founder horse.
Becky Richerson from Louisiana wrote (September 09, 2009):
I have used this product on an older broodmare that has been foundered badly. Absolutely the best product on the market and I have tried them all over the last 30 yrs! Increased growth in the hoof and wall as well as improvement in the overall health of the hoof. Anytime she gets sore, I put her on it for 5-6 wks and she shows great improvement! My farrier can't get over the improvement in a short period of time. A bit "pricy" but you get what you pay for.

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