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Jiffy Jack

Steel Jiffy Jack

The Steel Jiffy Jack allows you to easily change tires on tandem axle trailers. Drive the good tire onto Jiffy Jack for a fast change! This trailer tire jack is stable, yet lightweight in constructed steel. No need to unload your horses or any other equipment from your trailer. Never change a trailer tire the hard way again! Read more...

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Placing conventional jacks onto trailers usually means crawling under the trailer to reach the axle, or placing the jack incorrectly under the outer frame or fenders; a dirty and dangerous job indeed! With the Jiffy Jack, that's all a thing of the past. This specially designed lift was made for Tandem Axle Trailers. In the event of a flat tire, simply ride the good tire up onto the Jiffy Jack and raise the flat tire for an easy, safe and fast change, Jiffy Jack are so stable that you rarely even need to unload horses or other livestock from trailers to change tires. Jiffy Jacks have design features to prevent slipping or sinking into the ground. Safe and easy to use, they are constructed to be lightweight, strong and durable. Constructed from 14 gauge steel or 1/8th" aluminum and strengthened with a center plate which helps support the weight of the trailer. This brace protrudes past the plane of the sides to create a traction tooth on the ground to prevent slipping. Each end protrudes below each side to prevent slipping as well. To prevent the jack from sinking into the ground, "feet" are installed on the inside. Lifts trailer 5 1/4" for up to 14,000 pounds loaded trailer weight. Traction teeth and feet prevent movement and sinking into the ground. 14-gauge steel. 33" x 5 1/4" x 7".

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Joyce from wrote (December 29, 2008):
Absolutely wonderful. It made changing the trailer tire quick and easy!