Hypnotic 4-Strand Heelin by Cactus Ropes
Hypnotic 4-Strand Heelin' Rope by Cactus Ropes
Cactus Ropes

Hypnotic 4-Strand Heelin' Rope by Cactus Ropes

Heelers will want to check out the Hypnotic 4-Strand Heelin' Rope by Cactus Ropes. If you need a great heelin' rope that can last in the heat or want a fast, snappy calf rope with great feel, you have found your match. This head rope is characterized by its pure nylon design, making it an ideal rope to run steers even in extreme heat. You can achieve larger crowns on this rope when compared to most four-strands allowing for less slip. Read more...

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The Hypnotic 4-Strand Heelin' Rope by Cactus Ropes is a fast rope that will tie your knot and come right back to you in a hurry. A bit larger than the Cactus C4, it allows for just a bit more tip weight. This 4-strand heel rope has the perfect body for a smooth swing and loop that stays open. Without the weight of an inner core, this rope avoids that too-heavy feeling. Taller crowns in the twist prevent slipping while improving durability and life span. A heavy-bodied, durable rope provides great performance in all conditions, but its 100% nylon composition means fantastic results in hot weather. The Hypnotic heel rope is smooth and balanced. Not too big, but yet it has plenty of body and weight. Allows for a bigger loop when roping larger cattle. Four Heel Lays available: MS, M, HM, MH. MS, the #1 Medium Soft, is perfect for ropers who don't use a lot of power in their delivery. Great for novice heelers. M, the #2 Medium, can be used with a wide variety of roping styles. It has enough tip weight for easy swinging, but also enough stiffness to stand up when thrown in front of the feet. HM, the #3 Hard Medium rope, was made for the ropers that thought the Heel #2 was too soft and the Heel #4 was too hard. This rope takes more skill to swing and place than the #2. Perfect for advanced heelers. The #4 Medium Hard Cactus rope has enough stiffness to stay open and catch. Even with this much stiffness, this rope has the body to keep it from being wiry or bouncy. This rope is used mostly by top-notch heelers. Nylon. Heelin' length: 36'. Diameter: 3/8" True.


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