Poopoo Paper Twine Journal with Horse design
Colors: Horse/Baby Blue Horse/Dog Burg Horse/Barn Bark Horse/Cat Purple
HORSE POOPOO PAPER TWINE JRNL Poopoo Paper™ Twine Journal with Horse design

Poopoo Paper™ Twine Journal with Horse design

The PooPooPaper™ Twine Journal with Horse design is made of recycled and odorless paper made from horse manure! This creative and fun notebook design has 20 blank pages, is bound with twine, and makes a great gift. Read more...

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This journal made by the PooPooPaper™ Products is a creative and fun journal made using horse manure! The scoop for this journal is that fiber-eating animals, like horses, eat a lot of vegetation that their digestive systems don't break down very well. This means that their manure has a high fiber content, perfect for using as the base material in the pulp mixture used to make paper (though usually it is made from tree fiber)! These journals made by PooPooPaper™ Products are the result of an earth-friendly alternative source to tree-based pulp. 7"H x 7"W x 3/4"D.

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