Freedom Mesh Hay Bag- Trailer Size

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Freedom Mesh Hay Bag- Trailer Size

The Freedom Mesh Hay Bag allows your horse to eat more naturally through its fine mesh feeder openings. This "Pasture in a Net" promotes healthy digestion and improves the condition and overall health of easy keepers, hard keepers, and any other horse that is in a paddock or stall living arrangement. The Freedom Trailer Size net is designed for the trailer, for miniature horses or for feeding meals.  It has 1.5” mesh openings, measures 24"x30" and holds up to 13 pounds of forage hay.  Comes with a large carabiner for hanging. Read more...

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Veterinarian Recommended! The Freedom Mesh Hay Bag feeder helps you save money on wasted hay and future vet bills! Freedom Feeder Small Mesh hay nets require that the horse pulls the hay out from the bag in a way that is closer to natural grazing. Think of it as a “Pasture in a Net.” Horses are designed to eat 20 hours per day which is often times not feasible for domesticated horses. Allowing horses to eat naturally at free choice, rather than at meal times helps prevent ulcers, insulin resistance, and paddock or stall boredom. It is difficult to be available to throw hay to your horses all day long to accomodate their feed needs. Throwing free choice hay over the fence a few times a day often leads to hay waste and soiled hay. The freedom feeder allows you to improve your horse's health by slowing down hay consumption. Your horse will eat for longer periods of time, and waste less hay. You can create a feeding system by spreading out multiple bags so the horses will self-exercise as they go from bag to bag. These nets can be hung on fences, box stalls, laced closed and thrown on the ground like a pillow. They are made of 1/8?(3mm) Nylon mesh woven into 1-1/2? squares. This material has 275 lb. per strand of tensil strength. Can be used with any kind of hay. Use a mat or tub underneath the net when using alfalfa hay to catch small pieces and leave zero waste. Made in the USA. Trailer size. Comes with a large carabiner for hanging. Breakaway safety ties can easily be attached to the bag to ensure safe use- highly recommended for rowdy or playful horses.

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