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Fast Back Mach 4 Heelin Rope
Fast Back Mach 4 Heel Rope
Fast Back

Fast Back Mach 4 Heel Rope

Built for today's roper, the Fast Back Mach 4 Heel Rope has nice give that keeps the rope from taking off on you after the swing. Very forgiving rope with a lot of body and an open loop that stays open no matter the lay, while providing super speed. Consistent all year round, even in cold weather! Read more...

Item # X3-11329
$ 32.89
List Price: $47.00
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Ropers of all levels will appreciate the long life and smooth swing characteristic of this four-strand Fast Back Mach 4 Heel Rope. Easy to use, the Mach 4 is a smooth and balanced 100% nylon 4-strand that is highly visible. Comes ready to use with no break-in period needed. Slightly lighter in weight than the blended 4-strands, but large enough to provide a great feel. Mid-weight, medium sized. Length: 35' Diameter: 3/8.


Handmade in the USA.