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E-Z Knees Western Stirrup Position Adjusters

E-Z Knees™ Western Stirrup Position Adjusters

E-Z Knees™ Western Stirrup Position Adjusters place your stirrups at a right angle to the horse to achieve the correct alignment of your foot, knees and hips. This more natural position helps reduce joint pain often caused by "fender torque". Rust-proof and durable. Read more...

Item # X3-11008
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Stop the fender fight! E-Z Knees™ Western Stirrup Position Adjusters relieve unnecessary pain in your knees and hips while you ride. Top quality 1/8" hand polished aluminum (no rust) molded under 7,000 lbs of pressure. Place E-Z Knees™ between your existing western stirrup and the saddle fender, keeping the stirrups set perpendicular to your horse. This position allows the stirrup to correctly align your foot with knees and hips, eliminating "fender torque" and related knee, hip, and ankle pain. Pair.

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Big help to my knees
CT Trail rider/Trainer from CT wrote (July 11, 2014):
I bought this item because I have had trouble with a baker's cyst in my left knee all my life and the strain on my knee from twisting to hold the leather out was adding to my discomfort. This item works perfectly as promised, just make sure you put it on with the extra metal facing forward or it will rub your ankle. It does add a few inches to the length of your stirrup so you will need to shorten them a notch or 2. They completely remove the pressure on my knee though and now I feel much better!