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Classic Equine® No-Turn DL Bell Boots
Classic Equine®

Classic Equine® No-Turn DL Bell Boots

Classic Equine® No-Turn DL Bell Boots are made with a heavy canvas outer with a shock-absorbing center and a soft jersey lining to ensure your horse's comfort. These bell boots help protect the vital areas of your horse's hooves and coronets. Pair. Read more...

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No-Turn DL Bell Boots from Classic Equine® are designed to prevent sores or injuries from overreach. No-turn means just that--these bell boots are made to stay in place. Heavy canvas outer, dense, shock-absorbing center and soft jersey lining. Water-repellent polyurethane, double hook-and-loop closures and contoured fit. Pair.

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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Ripped only after three uses!
Aubrie from WA wrote (October 19, 2015):
I was super excited for these and have wanted them for a while so I was thrilled when I got them as a birthday gift. I had only heard amazing things about these bell boots and was glad to have my own. I put them on my horse for the first time and they were fine but when I went to spray the sand off them as they were going to be my compitition boots I noticed the inside stitching was fraying so I was sure to only use them the day before compititon and the actual compition as to keep the fray from worsening. Well after I competed my sister pointed out that one of the bell boots had turned and I looked and it had and was surprised and began to take my horses boots off as we were done for the day and noticed my the top layer of the Velcro was ripped 3/4ths of the way down! I was so disappointed! If I had used them hard and had really beat them up it would be one thing but the fact that they have only been used a total of about 4 hours in an arena only and had already frayed and the Velcro ripped was just a huge let down. I tried posting on the Classic Equine website as well and it kept giving me an error.
Anonymous from wrote (August 28, 2013):
I love this product! I have the purple and green swirley ones and they last. They are secure on my horse too.
Bethany from Missouri! wrote (March 30, 2013):
i got the pattern ones, and the material thats like a thin plastic ripped after a couple barrel races.. dont know its from the horses shoes, or poor design. i do not buy pattern ones anymore. i buy solids now. i recomend them over pros choice

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