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Classic Equine Mohair Straight Cinch
Colors: Natural
Classic Equine® Mohair Straight Cinch
Classic Equine®

Classic Equine® Mohair Straight Cinch

The Classic Equine® Mohair Straight Cinch is made of soft, strong Mohair with the elasticity to allow for natural expansion of the horse. A comfortable, strong and durable western girth. Read more...

Item # X3-02118
$ 57.59
List Price: $78.99
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This Classic Equine® Mohair Straight Cinch is one of the few true 100% mohair cinches on the market. The premier material for cinches, mohair is a natural fiber that is sheared from Angora goats. It is naturally soft, very strong and elastic. Elasticity allows your horse to naturally expand. With stainless steel hardware including dual roller buckles, this cinch is easy to adjusts and durable. The roper shape helps keep your saddle in place. Ideal for horses that struggle from saddle that slip forward.

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