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Colors: Burgundy
Burgundy Waterloops

Burgundy Waterloops

Preserve your nice leather reins with these Burgundy Waterloops (slobber straps). These replacement waterloop connectors can be used on any western bridle reins and will take the brunt of the destruction instead of your expensive reins. Also great to add just enough weight to the end of the reins that the horse can more easily feel communication through the reins for the rider. Pair. Read more...

Item # X3-0340
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These Burgundy Waterloops protect your expensive reins if your horse drinks from a stream or drools. Also great for horses that grab the bit shank and nibble on reins. These waterloops can also be used to assist in adding feel on the reins for a clearer communication between horse and rider. Especially handy when using lightweight reins where the horse may have trouble feeling subtle reins cues. 5/8". Pair.