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Basic Barrel Racing Timer
Farm Tek®

FarmTek Basic Barrel Racing Timer

The FarmTek Basic Barrel Racing Timer is a convenient wireless operation. With no cables to run to the electric eyes and no power connections to the timing console or the electric eyes, system set-up and tear down is quick and easy. This package which includes: Wireless Polaris console, one pair of eyes, two tripods, one carrying case and batteries for all equipment. Read more...

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FarmTek timing systems are used throughout the world. Includes the Polaris timing console, one pair of electric eyes, two tripods, a custom hard-shell carrying case, and batteries for all equipment. Polaris Timing Console Features has wireless operation for easy set-up/tear down. No power connection, no cables to the electric eyes, even the spectator displays (scoreboards) can be driven wirelessly. The timer console runs 50-60 hours from a set of four AA alkaline batteries. Time displayed on a high contrast LCD display with extra large 0.7 inch tall digits. Easily readable even in direct sunlight. Convenient keypad allows simple, single button access to the Polaris' powerful features. Different time formats are automatically selected for each different event (e.g., seconds to .001, seconds to .01, minutes and seconds, counting up, counting down, etc.) or choose your own time format. Previous times are saved along with penalty (if entered) and any event-specific information. Accurate time is maintained even while the timer is stopped allowing resumption of timing after accidental interruptions. Alignment status of each electric eye is always present on the status display. Electronic Eye features include tripod setup across the arena or track from each other to form an invisible start/stop line between them. Can be mounted on steer panels and fence rails (mounts sold separately). Quick and easy alignment. Eyes can be separated by up to 200 feet. No wires to run making eye placement quick and easy. Reliable from most any location in an arena (radio range is about 300 feet from the electric eye to the timing console in the announcer's booth). The eyes operate over 70 hours from standard 9 volt alkaline batteries. Typical users need to change batteries just a few times a year. Carrying Case has a hard shell with heavy-duty metal valence and turnbuckle latches. Foam cutouts securely hold the Polaris timer console, four sets of electric eyes, four quick mounts, and batteries. Additional cutout is provided for small accessories. Lid of the case holds up to four tripods. Dimensions: 24" wide x 15" tall x 9" deep."

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