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Back on Track Ceramic Mesh Sheet
Colors: Black
Back on Track® Ceramic Mesh Sheet
Back On Track®

Back on Track® Ceramic Mesh Sheet

The Back on Track® Ceramic Mesh Sheet for horses helps relieve sore muscles and warms cold backs to help increase performance, comfort and mobility in horses. This ceramic mesh sheet reflects soothing far infrared thermal warmth to help a horse's muscles recover from exercise and increase blood circulation to reduce inflammation. Improvement in the horse's comfort is noticeable in a short period of time. Read more...

Item # X3-24279
$ 249.00
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Soothe your horse's sore muscles or warm up a cold back before exercise with the Back on Track® Ceramic Mesh Sheet. This ceramic horse sheet can be used just prior to work or, after an introductory phase, can be left on overnight for best results. It benefits all horses from pleasure mounts to top competitors in any discipline. Breathable mesh material is interwoven with a polypropylene/polyester thread embedded with a fine ceramic powder. This powder reflects your horse's own body warmth back in the form of soothing far infrared thermal warmth, which helps increase blood circulation and helps a horse's muscles recover from use, stay looser and become less inflamed. The fabric never loses its effectiveness even with repeated washings. Noticeable improvement in your horse's comfort and performance usually occurs in a very short time. The Back on Track sheet secures with two chest buckles, crossed belly surcingles and a tail flap. It may be used in place of a liner under a winter blanket. *Note: Start using this sheet gradually with a 2-4 hour period for the first 3-4 days to allow your horse's body to become accustomed to its beneficial effects. After the introductory phase, this sheet may be left on overnight.
Sizing in 3" increments.