Finish Line®

Steeped in quality for generations, Finish Line® horse healthcare products cover a full range of feed supplements as well as topical applications. Finish Line brand formulas are created to produce noticeable improvement in horses, and all are offered at the most reasonable price possible.

Quality, value and results have been a family tradition at Finish Line since the company was established in 1979. The founder, a star jockey and horse trainer in his own right, created his first products using knowledge of herbs, botanicals and natural remedies for horses that were passed down to him through generations of riders in his family. Through the years as the Finish Line brand expanded, the company leveraged customer input, internal scientific research and development and premium raw ingredients to design and produce effective formulas that help support the health and overall well-being of horses inside and out.

Finish Line now offers a wide selection of original, all-natural and effective horse care products that are the go-to choice for both professionals and amateur horse owners.

No matter how successful and effective a nutritional supplement is, Finish Line recognized that it could do no good if horses wouldn’t readily eat it. Finish Line developed the first natural apple flavoring that debuted on the marketplace with Apple-A-Day™ electrolyte. That same unique apple flavor is used in other Finish Line formulas, such as Ultra Fire™, Iron Power™ and Fluid Action®. The concept has been copied through the horse supplement industry ever since.

Finish Line is dedicated to its customers and the well-being of the horses in their care. To sustain this dedication, the company’s laboratory facilities are in constant development. Labs are equipped with a wide range of analytical instruments used for the research and development of new products as well as for the quality control of existing products being manufactured.

Every product in the Finish Line brand, from digestive supplements, joint supplements and vitamins to liniments, poultices and shampoos, are guaranteed. If your expectations are not met, Finish Line will provide a full refund or a replacement product. Through the company's Trainer's Advisory Board, trained staff members are also prepared to assist with any questions about the choices, dosage or applications of Finish Line products.

With its long-standing tradition of caring for horses and its commitment to value and performance, it is no wonder that Finish Line has become one of the most trusted and recognized brands of horse healthcare products.